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We sell best quality uPVC double glazed doors and windows in the Perth metro area and Western Australia.

A beautiful living environment makes an important contribution to a happy and contented life. Residential windows and doors are much more than an opening in the wall for the sunlight or to enter the house. Doors and windows shape the character of a house, inside and out. But which doors or windows are best?

Quality windows and doors meet many requirements.

  • Extreme durable and robust.
  • Best performance at low price.
  • Save as much energy as possible.
  • In one grip easy to open or to lock.
  • Secure against unauthorised opening.
  • Easy to clean and low in maintenance.
  • Conform to all relevant Australian Standards.
  • Visually appealing and value increasing for the house.

10 year

Expected to last 30 years and longer, we provide a 10 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials on all windows and doors.

Each window or door can be custom made and manufactured in a variety of types and colours to meet the requirements and desires of the customer. It is really worth reading further to discover the various types of doors and windows.

In addition to tight closure and secure locking our residential windows and doors have extreme good thermal insulation values, excellent sound insulation and reduce solar energy gains due to modern double glazing.