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Based in Kelmscott WA 6111, we offer
our services to the metro area of Perth.


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Our quotes are free and that includes taking measurements on site. Optionally, windows and doors can be ordered based on measurements of the customers. For example if a customer does not live within the metropolitan area of Perth. That could actually reduce the price but the customer would be responsible for accurate measurements.

An attempt of saving some fuel and reducing the time spent travelling:

1. Gather info from our website and try the window price calculator. It does not only calculate the price instantly but also gives styling ideas and informs about options and features.

2. In case of different window types or for further info please email us. Describe the query and include dimensions of the opening if necessary. If further details are required we will contact you.

3. We respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. If the first estimation seems okay then we arrange an appointment for a site visit and to prepare the final quote.


Currently we are unable to take new orders. Sorry!

Herman Ritter
WA 6111