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Quality double glazed window

Man longs for light and air and thus tries to maximize the proportion of window area. But it's the windows that are responsible for the highest energy losses of a building. The solution sounds easy – double glazed windows – but that is just a term for windows with two consecutive glass panes. Double glazed windows can include different glazing types and windows with very different performance characteristics.

Modern double glazed windows

The excuse for buying single glazed windows is usually they are cheaper. However, comparing the performance with quality double glazed windows makes it clear that in the long run double glazed windows save more money by saving energy. Compared to single glazed windows modern double glazed windows save round 80% more energy and compared to lower quality double glazed windows still about 67%. Additionally they increase the living comfort because of better noise reduction and a more constant indoor climate.

Efficient double glazed windows have mainly two features designed to reduce the heat flow via convection and radiation respectively. On the one hand it's the space between the two glass panes to reduce heat convection. (Important is a certain distance, sealed and filled with motion-free gas. In quality double glazed windows the space is filled with Argon, Krypton or Xenon instead of air because an inert gas reduces the transmission of energy even further.) On the other hand, there is an invisible thin layer of noble metal burned-in on the inner surface of the panes to reduce heat radiation. Light consists of visible short-wave light and energy intensive infrared light. Long-wave infrared light is reflected by the metal layer whereas visible light still passes through.

Thermal break windows

Thermal break windows are one type of double glazed windows. The focus of thermal break glass is to slow down the heat flow through the glass panel as much as possible. In other words, the goal is to keep the internal temperatures of a house, at various outdoor temperatures, as constant as possible.

Insulating glass windows

Another sort of double-glazed windows is the insulating glass window. Again, the window is double glazed. Depending on the type and thickness of the glass, type of gas filling and distance of the panes, an insulating glass window can achieve a lower or higher level of insulation. Here, the insulating glass window is not necessarily a thermal break window although it is also called double glazed window. Insulated windows can for example be optimized for extra sun protection or noise control.

Double windows

Mainly used for renovations and performance improvements is this type of double glass window. Simply a second single glazed window is installed in front of the existing window or a second window sash is screwed on the existing sash. This variation of double glazed windows is good for noise reduction. The energy saving, however, is just 1/3 better than single glazed windows. Another disadvantage is that the inside of the panes is harder to almost impossible to clean if an additional sash is screwed on the existing one.

revised 28/Aug/2015