Fly screens to suit any situation.
Aluminium frame insect screens and
fibreglass or stainless steel bug mesh.


Perth aluminium fly screens.

Tailor-made insect screen solutions

Fixed insect screen

In conjunction with windows or doors we offer fly screens for sale in Perth WA. Insect screens block out annoying flies and can protect from mosquito-borne diseases. Fly screens on windows and doors are already standard in Perth and Australia. Modern insect screens, however, offer a variety of different systems which are easy to open or to remove and suit individual circumstances.

The frames of our fly screens are made of powder coated aluminium and there are several colours to choose from. The insect mesh is either plastic-coated fibreglass or stainless steel mesh.

Insect screen types

  • Fixed insect screens.
  • Fly screen doors.
  • Sliding insect screen doors.
  • Vertical roller insect screens for windows.
  • Horizontal retractable fly screens for doors.
Magnetic fly screen door

Fixed Insect Screens

Fixed fly screens are strong, durable, serve the purpose and are a cheaper solution for windows or doors that are opened primarily for ventilation. Easy handling makes it possible to mount or remove the insect screen quickly for cleaning or when it’s not needed.

Fly screen doors

Especially suitable on frequently used doors are fly screen doors. They swing horizontally and guarantee fast and easy opening for comfortable access. Magnetic fly screens offer even more comfort. The magnetic insect screen can simply be pushed open and doesn’t require any unlocking. An additional cross brace in the middle makes the frame stronger and provides a bigger grip area.

Sliding fly screens

For large openings sliding insect screens are particularly suitable. To open the fly screen door it is simply pushed aside. Sliding fly screens move almost silently, can be stopped at any position, are very durable and almost maintenance free.

Retractable insect screens

Retractable insect screens

A retractable or roller fly screen is the most space saving solution. Vertical roller insect screens are also suitable for sky lights. Horizontally moving, retractable fly screens are perfect for doors with insufficient space for a sliding fly screen door. In the opened condition retractable insect screens are almost hidden in the corner or at the top of the door or window and are mainly designed for openings that do not require permanent protection from insects.

revised 28/Aug/2015