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Doors are among the hardest challenged components of buildings but they are more than a means to an end. Front doors and patio doors enrich the face of a house, define the entrance area and can increase the value of a building. So, aesthetics and quality are important aspects when buying a new door.

We supply everything that makes your patio doors individual and suitable for special requirements. A variety of construction styles, for example French Doors or French Windows and Sliding Doors, a range of different colours, all kind of window grids and excellent heat and sound insulation refine the look and functionality of the house.

  • French door French Doors: The term French window or door describes the same component. They are designed to be both, an exit to your patio and garden area and a window that consists from top to bottom mostly of glass for maximum light incidence and minimum visual obstruction. Patio French doors can be single leaf or double doors and often swing horizontally. A fixed door element would be referred to as a French window.
  • Tilt and turn door Tilt and Turn doors: A popular style of French doors are our standard tilt and turn French doors which open horizontally but also allow vertically tilting - a bit similar to an upside down awning window. The tilting is just to a certain degree, to allow air ventilation and still prevent from unauthorized entry or opening and therefore gives the owner peace of mind if they left the house without locking the door.
  • Sliding door Sliding Doors: Often it can be beneficial to have sliding doors. Usually top hung, the weight of sliding doors is resting on a rail attached over the door. Common advantages of sliding doors are the robustness of big door panels compared to bi-fold doors and the space-saving opposite to French doors and the space that is needed to open them.

10 year

Expected to last 30 years and longer, we provide a 10 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials on all windows and doors.