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Eventually, even the best windows and doors get older, no longer meet the necessary requirements, look worn or are damaged. New windows are expensive and often appear very similar to those, already sold for the past 50 years. Is it worth at all to replace them or wouldn’t it be a lot cheaper to repair the windows? And how much does a house window replacement cost?

The advancement of technology and efficiency of windows and doors has never stopped and even though, many of today’s new windows in Perth are just as energy efficient as some of the existing, up to 100 year-old windows. In fact, the revolutionary perfection of float glass production in the 1950s turned many windows to big single-pane, boring looking rectangles due to making new windows more affordable.

Different Materials

The conventional aluminium framed windows are extremely durable but their performance and efficiency is incredible bad (in contrast, the performance of modern aluminium framed windows is extreme good but they’re expensive). Double glazed wooden windows are not as durable and need regular maintenance but the performance can be a lot better. Modern uPVC doors and windows combine long durability, low maintenance, really high efficiency and a very competetive price. So choosing quality windows can transform the hassle of replacing old windows or doors into a great opportunity.

Still an important question to consider; is whether the existing doors and windows can be repaired cheaply and serve the purpose for a few more years or if double glazed replacement windows are more efficient and save money in the long run.

Better Window Replacements

Our replacement windows and doors are more than glass and frame. They are modern high-tech, look appealing, make you feel comfortable and can save you money.

A single glazed window replaced by a quality double glazed window reduces the energy transfer by round 80%. Without any further energy-saving measures, replacing all windows and doors of the house will save an average Perth household more than 15% of the total energy consumption (40% energy saving on space heating and cooling). Continually improved production processes and new research findings make modern windows and doors today’s most important and versatile components of houses. With focus on quality, design and innovation our double glazed replacement window and door systems have several advantages.

  • Increased security.
  • Appealing modern look.
  • Very low in maintenance.
  • Strong double glazed panels.
  • Extremely durable and robust.
  • Appearance and design diversity.
  • Excellent sound and thermal insulation.
  • User-friendly and hard-wearing fittings and handles.

Various design options allow the replaced doors and windows to become a special feature of the house, increase energy saving, reduce noise from outside and boost the resale value of the house.

Further scope of design and quality also offers the choice of different handles, grid, variable glass options and additional security of the modern windows and doors. A cheaper option may save you some money at the beginning but a quality door or window replacement amortizes quickly and saves money for decades.

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revised 05/Sep/2015