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Aluminium, Timber and uPVC window frames

Door and window frames are made of aluminium, timber, PVC or combinations thereof. With regular maintenance the expected lifetime is at least 30 years. Significant differences persist in energy input during fabrication, the purchase price and the regular maintenance expenses. UPVC windows and doors have a balanced cost-performance ratio and are low in maintenance.

Compared to wood and aluminium doors and windows, modern vinyl windows are second to none. They meet high standards of design, functionality, durability, sustainability and they are easy to maintain. UPVC frames can basically be produced in all shapes, colors and sizes and they can be comparatively easy combined with other materials. Already in the 50s they began with the series production of vinyl windows but since then the quality has improved significantly. The flexibility of plastic (PVC) makes it also possible to use any types of glass in the window frames.

Vinyl or uPVC frame samples Vinyl and uPVC is the same. It is short for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride.

One of the biggest advantages of uPVC windows is however the good thermal energy insulation. Basically, air is an extremely good material for thermal insulation, provided that it is still air. Still air in turn is obtained by inclusion of the air in small spaces. Here, plastic window frames have a major advantage. The inside of the frames is not just hollow, it is crossed by a network of narrow chambers. This prevents any air movement, which is a precondition for optimal energy savings, and it stabilizes the frame. Additional rigidity is provided by a steel section that runs through the centre of the vinyl window frame.

PVC windows are becoming increasingly popular

No surprise, because they are easy to clean, virtually unbreakable and not too expensive. UPVC frames have excellent insulating capabilities. Due to the possibility of combining uPVC window frames with other materials, structural properties and building physics can be optimized and requirements for noise insulation or better protection against break-in can be further improved.

Plastic window frames are made from uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) by extrusion. PVC is very resistant against sunlight and chemicals, weather resistant and can be manufactured to take virtually any form. Another advantage is that plastic windows and doors can be completely recycled. UPVC is BPA and Phthalate free.

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