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Living in the mild climate of Perth WA doesn’t excuse that many houses are thermal insulated not much better than a tent. Highly efficient heat insulation techniques are more and more standardized and the price difference to conventional insulated windows gets less. In fact, if you consider the advantages of eco-friendly windows and doors, then they are already cheaper.

Already in 1990 the first house was built in Europe which didn’t need energy for active heating or cooling - in other words no heater and no air conditioner – and that despite the cooler climate. In the following years these houses and energy saving windows became increasingly popular and it is clear that the future lies in energy-efficient houses that require neither active heating nor cooling.

In contrast Western Australia has just started to implement first energy-saving techniques for residential houses. Basically no energy-saving measures are specified for doors or windows yet. This is also because of the fortunate situation of having comparatively low energy costs in Australia. But that depends on politics and the availability of energy resources. Unless there is a major discovery or invention that brings cheaper energy for the future, the cost of heating and cooling houses will continue to rise.

Future chances

Due to the rapidly growing population and the scarcity of gas and oil it is no more than logical that energy costs will rise further and further with increasing speed.

We want to frighten nobody, it will probably take many years until energy gets too expensive to use it for heating and cooling residential houses but why not taking opportunities if they are available and not only save energy but also increase the living comfort.

Windows and doors are generally the weakest points of insulation. Using doors and windows with high insulation values, similar to the ones we sell, doesn’t mean to only reduce energy consumption for heating in winter but also reduce the energy used by air conditioners in summer. In fact, our windows and doors have the potential to virtually cut energy bills in half.

Potential savings

The most important figure to rate the energy-efficiency of windows or doors is the U-value. U-value means overall heat transfer coefficient. The U-value describes the energy transfer through building materials or components under standardized conditions. In other words the lower the U-value the better a component's heat energy insulation.

U-values of single glazed windows and doors are about 5.5 W/m²K.
U-values of our energy-efficient doors and windows are 1.1 W/m²K.

This simply means that through the conventional single glazed elements passes 5 times more energy than through our double glazed doors and windows. You must not take a genius to figure out that these doors and windows pay off by itself.

revised 23/Aug/2015