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You get what you pay for... often that is probably true but it does not guarantee that the most expensive products are automatically best in quality. Conversely, some money can be saved initially by installing more inefficient windows but does that make you happy in the long run? Energy savings pay off the additional costs of our window systems within a few years.

And here is something you get for free:

  • Less noise pollution from cars, airplanes or the neighbours.
  • A pleasant living environment to feel more comfortable at home.
  • Secure window systems that lock all four sides of the window in one grip.
  • A reassuring feeling to help the environment by saving energy.
  • Or simply the joy to have a quality product that works.

One of the most important aspects when purchasing new windows or doors are the costs. The square meter price of doors or windows starts at about $700 and therefore you get technically mature and proven window technology combined with versatility in material, design and application possibilities. All our doors and windows come with modern and highly effective, 24mm, low-e double glazing or even the stronger 26mm double glazed panels instead of the cheaper but in Australia often used 12mm double glazing.

10 year

Expected to last 30 years and longer, we provide a 10 year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials on all windows and doors.

Price Calculator

Window and door price estimator Here is an instant cost estimator. Calculate window prices or door prices by entering the dimensions and choosing the desired type and features of the double glazed door or window system. All prices are updated automatically and immediately. This can give you styling ideas and it is a handy tool in the task of optimizing the cost, size and features of new double glazed windows and doors.

Naturally the price of doors or windows depends for example on the size, design and features but a key factor, how we try to cut costs, is the quantity (not quality!). The more windows and doors are ordered the cheaper it gets. Another factor is the material, while vinyl windows are of the highest quality and easy to maintain they have also, because of the material, an advantage in price over wood or aluminium windows and doors. Given the long life span of our windows of 30 years and longer it seems worthwhile to consider them as a great alternative and to take full advantage of the quality and features.